Crafts byBifrost™

Crafts byBifrost™ is a producer controlled supply program of crafted beer from Sweden, Denmark, France, Great Britain and the Czech Republic.

These kinds of beverages demand a short time to consumer. This is why we highly concentrate on the logistic and market planning.

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Bifrost Group AS

About Us

Bivröst in the old Asa-belief was the bridge between this world and the home of the gods in Valhalla. Bifrost Group AS is the trading bridge of goods from craft, independent and small scale producers to consumers with specific demands.

Working with these kind of supplies Bifrost Group AS emphasises on the challenge in the demands of environmental certifications, logistics and market planning. A high degree of close communication, ensures the producer a short time to market and grants consumers a sustainable product as fresh possible.


The Vision

In the modern market model we’re taught the consumer driven supply chain. The craft era has shown us something else. Products which weren’t invented 20 years ago are nowadays almost a market standard. In a couple of years Cascade driven IPAs and DIPAs have  become commonly known.

The craft beer phenomenon is truly something exceptional. The main consumer pattern when it comes to food and beverage has,up till now, been highly traditional and based on an acquired taste together with a rock solid brand loyality.

In a very near future the producers will be able to sell and promote limited products. The consumers tend to be fans of a producer but also eager to try something new.

The environmental awareness has today a bigger impact to  the consumer pattern. And the craft movement is often tight associated with environmental awareness.

The retailers will be in a position where communicating upcoming new brews and a constantly renewal of offered products will be the key to success.

The standard 33 cl glass bottle will definitely lose its domination. Cans are more environment friendly for transported goods. Growlers will gain market share, PET bottles in litre size will be more common.

Crafts byBifrost™ will be the natural catalyst to ensure a diversified and ever changing supply of good and truly crafted beverage!


The Mission

The idea behind Crafts byBifrost™ is to offer the consumers unique craft products in small batches, in short series, often not pasteurised. This is a challenge for both producers and consumers. Consumerwise, the challenge is to find the product without actually make the brewery a visit. Because of the short shelf life and the limited amount available there are few stores and suppliers willingly who are to offer the product to the market.

The challenge for the producer is to reach the consumers in as short time as possible. Another challenge is also to find a marketplace willing to do the logistics and market planning for a product with limited quantity.

We would like to view Crafts byBifrost™ as a producer controlled supply program, with various  crafted beer from Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain and  the Czech Republic.

By branding environmental certifications, Crafts byBifrost™ encourages the producers to take stand and actions.

Bifrost Group welcomes all independent craft brewers to join Crafts byBifrost™, where test batches and seasonal batches can be financed and reach the consumers in short time!

Retailers who are seeking small and unique brewed beverages should not hesitate to contact us for an updated item list.

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