The brewing tradition in Belgium is medieval, since the 12-hundred century. When the Catholic church used beer production as the main tool for fundraising.

The Belgian beer culture is quality driven with a widely spread product diversification. Almost al beer styles are represented. The Nun Hildegard von Bingen has a great impact of the diversity, since she banned the use of hop as antiseptic so the brewers invented to start to use acidity as antiseptic agent.

Today UNESCO inscribed the Belgian beer culture on their list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Maybe it is a contradiction to believe that a culture so deeply dug into tradition and domestic culture could be influenced and embrace the “new” Craft era. Today the numbers of Craft and Nomad brewers would break the 300, and new are establishing. The new generation of brewers have a unique ability to utilise the new ideas with old traditions.

Bifrost Group are proud to present one of the new generation beer brewers.


White Pony Microbrewery

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