In the small mountain village Vrchlabi at the source of river Elbe, with its crystal clear mountain water, one of the most important factors for great beer brewing. The Hendrych brewery is taking old heritage into the 21th century. It’s traditional, but still so true, innovative and soul full.

The brewery manage to produce high class lagers in all ABV ranges. The H8, is a full bodied low ABV (3,3%) lager, goes perfectly well together with any lunch dish or just being the perfect thirst drencher. Their seasonal and innovating beers are outstanding with a personal attitude without losing any quality.

When you want to experience true class of lager in a bottle. Brewery Hendrych makes three real premium beer as standard adding attitude and high quality.

H8, Hendrych 8
This genuine Czech lager is really something if you want to discover what nature can produce at the spring of Elbe.

With only an ABV of 3.3 the Brewery Hendrych has really shown how to create a genuine lager. Unfiltered and unpasteurised. On the nose, there is a well hidden herby and minty note which gives the beer a unique characteristic.

ABV: 3.3% | Plato: 8° | IBU: 45 | Hop: Czech Hop, SAAZ and other| Malt: Pilsner Czech and other

H11, Hendrych 11
When core authenticity is in a bottle! A firm and market bitterness well balanced with silky body. This genuine, unfiltered, unpasteurised and tank matured Czech lager is without any doubt a standard maker. You should never satisfy with any lager below this.

A firm bitterness which is well balanced with a silky and complex body. This beer is a social glue and will conform any party. Goes well with well-cooked food, as well as fancy schmancy dining!

ABV: 4.7% | Plato: 11° | IBU: 52

H13, Hendrych 13
So well crafted, traditional, rich in taste and classical smooth. This Czech lager should be the origin. After you have enjoyed a H13 you will understand what true Czech lager is about and you will definitely have a problem going back to soulless machine lagers. We who are raised on Nordic Lagers must lack a dimension on our taste palate.

ABV: 5.5% | Plato:13° | Hop: Czech Hop, SAAZ and other| Malt: Pilsner Czech and other

H16, Hendrych 16
This Ale is a potent Ale well in the Belgian league. Although very smooth and don’t have the aldehydes as the belgian brews. In the finish there is an aromatic hoppiness which will serve a marked bitterness. Perfect beer together with porky food and soft cheese.

ABV: 7.5% | Plato: 16° | Hop: Czech Hop, SAAZ and other| Malt: Pilsner Czech and other



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