These young innovative award winning Brewery is also situated as Hendrych in the small village of Vrchlabi. Clearly they gain a great advantage due to the water quality at the source of river Elbe.

Few brewery’s in the world as Krkonošský Medved, can transmit their youth and experimental lust into the taste in the beer as they do, still without losing quality or seriousness. Beers like Marley (a Rauchbeer), Hopbit, Hibiscus, Intergalactic, can easily be recognized after their original meaning but there is always a very interesting and well tasting twist. Marley is a rauchbeer but a very hoppy one, Hibiscus is a wheat beer but with a fruity hibiscus taste goes well together with any seafood dish as a match in heaven.
The Medved beer’s have a sky high drinkability, but you will always feel the origin.

We’re honored and proud to offer the full Krkonošský Medved product range in the Crafts byBifrost™ concept.

Summer Sunset Ale 10.5
Imagine a NEIPA-light? This hazy looking fruit driven minimonster is packet of taste with a lingering silky smoothness. Enjoyed chilled by the BBQ or at the pier in humid sunset.

ABV: 4.0% | Plato: 10.5° | Hop: Nelson Sauvin, Citra, Galaxy, Cascade NZ, Cascade US

Polotmavy Lezak 11
This beer is as good as a lager can be. Once you have had a lager like this, you will face a hard struggle to convince yourself to try something else. This beer works very well on it’s own but is also a perfect companion with rustic food.

ABV: 4.4% | Plato: 11° | IBU: 36 | Hop: Motueka, Hallertau Blanc, Lublin

Early Evening Ale 11
This intense beer is definitely a beer well suited for evenings when your palate tends to call it a break! Enjoyed socially after a meal or together with a smooth dominican cigar.

ABV: 4.4% | Plato: 11° | IBU: 37 | Hop: Comet, Sterling, Chinook, Mosaic

HopBit 13
Medium ABV leveled IPA-ish, where all taste ingredients are fully packed in equilibruim. The name is derived out of the chosen NZ hop varietys. This beer have the typical satin czech smoothness with embodied bitterness from the NZ hop. A killer thirst drencher or works outstanding together with a juicy burger or spicy BBQ.

ABV: 5,5% | Plato: 13° | Hop: Mouteka, Cascade, Rakau, Waimea | Malt: Pilsner, Viener, Carapils, Carapils

Intergalactic 15
A true modern IPA without going with an oily aromatic bitternes. Based on US hop still fresh and smooth with high complexity. This beer is at the bar, with high drinkability even when it’s packet with taste. Goes excellent to porky food on a BBQ.

ABV: 6,4% | Plato: 15° | Hop: Centennial, Crystal, Colombus, El Dorado, Galaxy, Galena | Malt: Pilsner, Viener, Carapils, Carared

Hibiscus 16
This is true love at first sipp! Once you go “red”, this will be your favourite. The Idea with a wheaty lager dried hoped together with Hibiscus gives us a beer which is fruity and have a hidden sweetness but strengthened with malt. This beer is easily nursing greed since you would hold on to it by yourself. Works fantastic with different seafood

ABV: 6,8% | Plato: 16° | Hop: Spalt | Malt: Wheat/Pilsner

APA 17
This APA, really stand on its own. YES it’s APA inspired and definitely have influences, but the mouth filling smoothness, the lingering lime dryness and the well portioned bitterness in the finish is really something unique. This beer is best enjoyed on its own together with a good friend!

ABV: 7,5% | Plato: 17° | Hop: Cascade, Citra, Crystal, Chinook, Colombus, Simcoe | Malt: Pilsner, Viener, Munich, Caramunch


Krkonošský Medvěd

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