The saga starts in the slumbering Czech countryside village of Zichovec. Where the local “pivovar” less than ten years ago started to get recognition and reputation for their innovative work in the brewery.

Like many successful breweries they outgrown their capacity and were lucky to acquire old regiment buildings from the Armed forces in Louny, just 15 km north west of Zichovec. The rebuilding started in 2016 and during the spring they have slowly moved into the new plant, still keeping the original.

The Pivovar Zichovec is together with a few, the new forthcoming innovative Craft Brewers of Czech. The style is trend sensitive with the heritage of Czech Lager tradition. You’ll never experience so smooth IPA’s and Stouts as you do with these beers.

We’re honored and proud to offer the full Pivovar Zichovec product range in the Crafts byBifrost™ concept.

Session IPA 11
Hazy yellow, with complex notes dominating of honey and grape. The taste is straight, with integrated hoppines. with an exploding finish of hop and bitternes.

ABV: 4.7% | Plato: 11° | Hop: Magnum, Citra, Nelson Sauvin, Equinoz | Malt: Plzensky, Pale Ale, Carahell, Carapils, Caraamber

Krahulik 12
When we first came across this czech lager, we were amazed how lean and well made it appeared on the pallet! There is a clear domestic recognition with an undoubtedly modern twist. This lager present a nice maltiness on the nose. On the palate the maltiness is beautifully mixed with a smooth hoppiness. This lager have an extreme drinkability without being soulless. Works well with a broad range of food or just as a thirst drencher.

ABV: 5,1% | Plato: 12° | Yeast: W3470 | Hop: Premiant, Zatecky poloranny cervenak | Malt: Plzensky, Karamelovy

Mosaic Ale 12
When you want to enjoy a “mono” hop ale or when you want to feel the true fruity taste of Mosaic hop. Zichovec Mosiac ale 12 is a schoolbook example. A complex nose of malt, peach and aromatic. The taste is linguering malty with fruity notes and develope a classic scent of Mosaic hop. Long and balanced smooth aftertaste with fresh finish. This beer easy stand by it self or goes well together with rich food.

ABV: 5,5% | Plato: 12° | Yeast: US-05 | Hop: Sladek, Mosaic | Malt: Plzensky, Pale Ale, Carapils, Vidensky

Černé 13
This is a true bodied lager. Easy to drink but yet full of character. The color is deep black and clear with a off-white head. On the nose you’ll get apples, caramel, toast and a linguerling feminin smoky scent. On the palate you experience a mouthfull of character but still so easy and with a cruel drinkability. Working excellent together with rich food or just as a thirst drencher. It is awesome fun to treat someone who says: “I don’t drink dark beer”! This beer how ever it is so soft, easy to drink and the taste doesn’t correspond with the color.

ABV: 5,5% | Plato: 13° | Yeast: W3470 | Hop: Sladek, Zatecky Poloranny and Cervenik | Malt: Pilsner, Munich, Prazeny and Caramel

Magor 15
This Ale is really something different. So rich, so packed of fruit and broad tastes. A well integrated sweetness really looking to be matched with some hot food. Well chilled it’s a dangerous thirst drencher with an ABV close to 6%. What makes it so easy is despite the powerful taste, its so smooth to drink.

ABV: 5,9% | Plato: 15° | Yeast: W3470 | Hop: Sladek, Zatecky poloranny cervenak | Malt: Plzensky, Karamelovy

IPA 15
This IPA combines the best out of two worlds. The classical Czech smoothness with the HOPPY-vaganza in an IPA. Rich, fruity and tasty with a smooth marked bitterness. Not a single oily feeling of hops just fresh fruity hoppiness. This IPA is definitely a thirst drencher. A life companion together with fat food or just a really good glue at a social gathering.

ABV: 7% | Plato: 15° | Yeast: US-05 | Hop: Magnum, Simcoe, Chinook, Citra | Malt: Plzensky, Pale Ale, Carapils

Juicy Lucy NEIPA 15
This NEIPA is so much Zichovec! Combining all their innovative skill with the Czech beer tradition. It’s a really Juicy NEIPA but with the significant Czech smoothness. Straightforward fruitiness on the nose. On the palate crispy citric with a lean sweetnes. this beer is a favorite milestone. Once you hit this beer, doubtly you will go back to the IPA division.

ABV: 7% | Plato: 15° | Yeast: “Blend” | Hop: Amarillo, Citra, Sladek | Malt: Pilsner, Pale Ale, Carapils, Crystal T50

This DIPA is in no way overmuch in any direction. If you are looking for Equilibrium in a bottle this is definitely your choice of beer. Full packed fruity nose with exotic fruit and citrus. On the palate you will struggle to keep your senses. This is fearsome taste bomb is re writing your IPA-map. Still with a balanced finish where the bitterness don’t rip your tongue out.

ABV: 8,5% | Plato: 18° | Yeast: US-05 | Hop: Amarillo, Citra | Malt: Pilsner, Pale Ale, Carapils


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