This story starts back in 1902 when the brewery established. Thisted Bryghus is a true traditional Danish Pils brewery with some strategic and well executed changes during the time. Letting innovations spire and develop under inherited brewing traditions.

There is two crucial strategic elements we can derive todays success from:

In the late 80’s Thisted engaged the Brewmaster Peter Klemensen at Urban Brewery in Aalborg, and in the same time acquired the rights for the brand Limfjordsporter. “Klemens” fulfilled the recipe and in 1997 he declared that it is as complete as it can be!

The second important decision taken in 1995 when they decided to brew the first ecological Pils. Using same recipe as in Thy Pilsner, but with ecological ingredients they established a good eco friendly pils on the market. Since 1995 Thy Øko Pilsner is the beer for the Christianits in Copenhagen. The 1000 people strong community order 330 000 bottles per year under their own label with the three yellow dots.

Today Thisted Bryghus is well established and regained true recognition. It has for a long time been regarded as the No 1. brewery in North Jylland, and in consecutive 2015, 2016 and 2017 they has been designated as Denmark’s best brewery.

Out of Thisted Bryghus’ great beer range, Bifrost Group has initially chosen five beers into our portfolio:

Thy Pilsner
Its almost a religious feeling when you drink your first Thy Pilsner, all the feelings and tastes places you back in the 80’s when Danish Pils truly tasted unique, marvellous and fantastic. The retro label is a garant for what you will be served and that you will enjoy it.

ABV: 4.6% | Hop: German Northern Brewer | Malt: Pilsner | Yeast: Thisted Bryghus Lager

ØKO Thy Pilsner
This beer has been produced since 1995, gained recognition and is the beer of the Cristianits. In taste profile it’s a light version of Thy Pilsner. But awsome balanced and fresh, with a broad malty taste. Extreme drinkability or served together with a danish rostbeef smørrebrød!

ABV: 4.6% | Hop: German Perle – Organic | Malt: Organic Pilsner and Organic Munich | Yeast: Thisted Bryghus Lager

Thy Classic
This beer is Classic in the scandinavian countries were we had a half ‘n half beer. Not light, Not dark. In Sweden it was called Bayer! This type is more malt and body and is a perfect match together with our northern cuisine. A true companion together with lunch food, or just while watching the game!

ABV: 4.6% | Hop: German Northern Brewer | Malt: Pilsner, Caramunich, Smoked, Black | Yeast: Thisted Bryghus Lager

ØKO Thy Classic
The ecological version of the Classic. a bit hopyer and more malty. works well together with our pickled seafood or smoked cold cut!

ABV: 4.6% | Hop: German Perle – Organic | Malt: Organic Pilsner, Organic Caramel,  Organic Black | Yeast: Thisted Bryghus Lager

Thy Økologisk Humle
This is the prestige and luxury edition of Thy Øko Pilsner, with more malts and hops which establish a higher degree plato. This also enhance the aroma and flavor so you will have a more complex and mouth filling lager. This lager is truly something that takes your lager horizon to the point beyond. Served together with most scandinavian lunch dishes or just the perfect thirst drencher contributing with aroma and taste!

ABV: 5.8% | Hop: German Perle – Organic | Malt: Organic Pilsner and Organic Munich | Yeast: Thisted Bryghus Lager

An English licorice porter, notes of cigar and wet coffee. A hint of sweet licorice is hidden in the toasted malty feeling. This porter is not to dry nor to sweet. Its as classical and well made as it gets! Together with scandinavian oysters we’re close to gastronomically equilibrium!

ABV: 7.9% | Hop: German Northern Brewer | Malt: Pilsner , Caramunich, Smoked, Black | Yeast: Thisted Bryghus Lager


Brewery of the Year 2015 and 2016

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