NINKASI - lieux de brassage

There is no limit how proud we are to be able to represent the NINKASI beers to the Scandinavian market. Crafts byBifrost™ are able for the very first time to provide a full range of high quality French craft beer to Norway and Sweden.

There is no coincidence that You will find one of France most successfully craft brewery’s origin from Lyon. As the former capital of the Gauls, Lyon today holds the well-deserved title of being the European food capital which is nurturing an sensoric and taste explorative culture. In the 1800-hundred the beer production in Lyon were widely known throughout France, and the black beer (Porter) of Lyon were known as “the third river” of Lyon.

In Early -90, the founder of NINKASI brewery traveled to US, to take part and imbibe the new thriving craft-beer movement which were taking of. Brewing new types of beer with old European craft methods. Inspired and full of enthusiasm they commenced the project with the vision to “Bring the microbrewery concept to Lyon and pioneer the craft-beer movement in France”.

In 1997 the original brewery stood ready in the Gerland district of Lyon which was an up and coming area of the city. To ensure the work of quality the University of Louvain-la-Neuve (UCL) in Belgium where early connected to the project, and is still 20 years later, deeply involved in monthly auditing to secure end ensure quality and production stability in a steady increasing production. Since 2012 Ninkasi brewery is situated in the village of Tarare in an old textile mill designed by M. Eiffel. The new facilities also allowed to build an distillery, where they know produce a hoppy vodka, malty liquor and a soon to come French whisky.


The Classic Range has made Ninkasi famous and showcases a variety of aromas, colours and styles.
Must-haves in a beer cellar!

This beer is Ninkasi’s first brew, and hit the market deep, 20 years ago. The public had never experienced such powerful lager. It’s still a unique brew. Packed with fruit with malt driven honey notes. Highly thirst drenching despite It’s mouth filing fruitiness, which also compensate the ABV of 4%.

This beer is a high enjoyable, high taste power lager that works for everyone. Finally there is a Lager with character and taste. Fulfilling al a beers need of being refreshing without getting dull.

ABV: 4.0% | Hop: Galena, Saaz, Sladek | Malt: Pilsner and Cara

What to say! Released early 2000, complex, fruit driven, caramel and a refreshing bitterness. You can immense a steam beer heritage but with definitely it’s personal imprint.

The Lyonnaise recommend the beer served together with Fois Gras. – But honestly, this beer is obligatory to burgers and various BBQ plates! The moderate ABV on 4,5% makes it as a good companion while standing at the BBQ.

ABV: 4.5% | Hop: Glacier, Mosaic | Malt: Pilsner, Cara and Munich

This wheat lager dry hopped with citra, treats the pallet with intriguing complexity. The beer were introduced five years ago with the ambition to provide a wit with character, still being highly thirst drenching. Since the introduction the recognitions has been overwhelming where ever it’s been served.

This beer enjoyed chilled in the sun, or along together with a fruity dessert or dairy products will enhance any moment.

ABV: 4.8% | Hop: Galena, Citra | Malt: Pilsner and Wheat

Put your beret on, knot your bandana around your neck and carry your breakfast loaf in your armpit! It doesn’t get more french like this! Pop a NINKASI IPA and feel like a true Lyonnaise! This IPA is brewed entirely on french malts and hops.

This IPA is just a bit more continental. A thirst drencher which convey the feeling of French countryside and genuinity. Served as all other IPA’s but enhancing the metropolit feeling.

“French IPA” is from now on a notion!

ABV: 5.4% | Hop: Mistral and Aramis | Malt: Pilsner, Munich and Cara

This beer is inspired and a homage to the famous dark beer of Lyon which was known as “the third river of Lyon”. A Porter placed in equilibrium between the sweet and dry style with imperial grade of ABV. This beers greatness was awarded World’s best porter in 2015.

Enjoyed on Its own or accompanied with steak tartare, chocolate dessert or a room tempered Saint-Marcellin cheese.

ABV: 6.0% | Hop: Bramling, Galena | Malt: Pilsner, Cara and Coffee Malt

This is a true Belgian Biére D’Abbaye inspired Triple, with its own imprint. Packed with fruit marmalade of apricot and pineapple. The high ABV is well hidden behind the fruit. Finish with a soft marked hoppy bitternes.

Served together with blue cheese, a fruity Hondurian cigar and you have a match in heaven!

ABV: 8.4% | Hop: Styrian Golding, Galena | Malt: Pilsner and Cara

A kriek style beer, packed with cherries. without any additive coloring or artificial flavours. just flavour derived from Cherry Ratafia out of local cherries from Lyon. Balanced sweetness with integrated acidity. Served 8-12 celsius, together with exclusive fruity or chocolate desserts it will enhance the experience.

Endorsement: WBA France, Best French Kriek 2018

ABV: 4.0% | Hop: Galena & Citra | Malt: Pilsner


Ninkasi Grand Cru are exceptional beers, fermented with wine yeasts and aged on oak. They only use ingredients of very high quality: Riesling yeast, Morgon barrels and Bessenay cherry juice.

NINKSAI Grand Cru #001 Barley Wine
The Grand Cru line is like in the wine trade the prestige range of the brewery, they are brewed for keeping and ageing.

This beer is a barly wine -ish, and packet with flavours and tastes. Cool ageing with cherry ships builds an extreme complexity and dept.

Bring out the fatty dishes and enjoy! If you prefer the beer at the end of the meal let it be a compliment to the blue cheese.

ABV: 11.5% | Hop: Styrian Golding and Galena | Malt: Pilsner, Cara, Coffee malt and Wheat | Yeast: Riesling

NINKSAI Grand Cru #002 Wheat Wine
This fresh and complex wheat strengthened beer is cool aged with french oak to gain a deep but easy to drink feeling.

Works fine served with bouillabaisse or rich hard cheeses. Served chilled in a flute post dinner will definitely up hold the standard!

ABV: 9.9% | Hop: Glacier, Citra and Centennial | Malt: Pilsner and Wheat | Yeast: Riesling

NINKSAI Grand Cru #003 Kriek Wine
This fantastic beer is a kriek wine (Not Kriek), were the juice from Bessenay cherish contributes with a heavy, dark and complex fruity note. Cool ageing on Morgon (vats).

This beer with the great steak or duck breasts will be a scensoric treat, or rather to say: “Pure pleasure”!

ABV: 9.4% | Hop: Galena | Malt: Pilsner and Wheat | Yeast: Riesling


NINKASI Distillery is the latest project created in Tarare in 2015. Whiskys aged in wine barrels from the region (Condrieu and Pouilly-Fuissé), one of a kind malt alcohol and hopped vodka.

NINKASI Vodka Houblon Saaz
Bringing the hopy style of micro brewery into the distilled beverages. Ad a new dimension to a straight shot of vodka. NINKASI presents a hop infused vodka.

A pure grain vodka dry hoped with the highly appreciated Czech hop Saaz. Using wheat and spring water distilled in Cherente tradition.

This pure vodka with floral and herbal notes enhanced with a resinous touch.

Enjoyed as it is, or as component in cocktails. Works fantastic as a torpedo into a glass of NINKASI Blonde!

Alc: 40% vol. | Hop: Saaz | Grain: Wheat

NINKASI Sweet Malt Spirit
This malty liquor is truly unique. Heavy malty notes gives the association to enter a brewery when the pan is boiling.

Works fantastic well together with cheese or ice cooled as aperitif.

Alc: 18% vol.


NINKASI BREWERY CATALOGUE 2018 – French Craft Beer brewed in Tarare.



NINKASI - lieux de brassage

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