The skill of brewing, and the culture of drinking beer is in England over 2000-years old. The Romans planted wine in England and gave a foundation of winemaking to the Brits, but if it was due to lack of quality compared to the domestic product or the simple fact of true english conservatism the new brew, wine never made it in England until the medieval nobility pick up the custom of drinking wine. Suddenly wine for the nobility were fancy and the beer where for the common. This has been the standing rule until just now! Today the beer is slowly entering the tables of white cloths. But we did not really have to wait until 1980 to have true crafted beer served.

All ready in 1780 the first brew of IPA were brewed. It was a beer brewed by Hodgson brewery that managed a six month travel to India, since the climate in India didn’t allowed qualitative beer brewing. The beer where high leveled ABV and mighty hopped. Domestically the brewed where imitated by BASS but with an adaption to public English taste (i.e. same beer as usual but with a new name IPA). The result was as expected, the “new” beer IPA didn’t hit the market and all became forgotten until 1979 when the American craft brewers picked up the style of high ABV and an unmistakable bitterness.

The English craftsmanship of beer brewing is widespread all over the country. In opposite to the Nordic countries, England has there have never faced a total collapse of small independent breweries, so the true craft know how have never been lost. The English challenge has being more an intellectual challenge to adapt something “new”, fortunately IPA where an English invention with cultural roots in the empire trade, so the resistance was not to hard to overcome.


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