The Hammerton brewing heritage goes back to 1868, and were a renowned brewer in the Islington area of London until 1950, when the brewery were closed. As recently as in 2014 members of the Hammerton family decides to regain the family name in the brewing community. Under the lead of Lee, this young brewery have in a short time regain its status as a quality brewer with well made beers with modern taste profile.

Crafts byBifrost™ are proud to have the honor to supply four beers to the scandinavian market.

This thirst drenching session Pale Ale, is an easy lingering beer with wit-beer feeling. Hops from US, Europe and New Zeeland gives fresh citrus notes. The name of the beer is given for its high drinkability after the N! highway.

ABV: 4.1% | Hop: Herkules, Chinook, Columbus, Cirta, Waimea, Cascade | Malt: Marris Otter, Cara & Wheat | Yeast: US05

Chicha Pale
This beer started as a small batch experimental brew, but took of as it’s available for the scandinavian market. The unique blend with Peruvian corn malt together with US hop results in a pale ale you’ve never tried before. The taste has a sweetness which blends with the hoppy bitterness in a perfect harmoni. this beer enjoyed together with friends or at a “netflix n’ chill” is perfect!

ABV: 4.1% | Hop: Centenial, Bullion | Malt: Monze Morada, Marris Otter | Yeast: US05

Life on Mars
A red ale with a mix of german and English malts. Enabling a fruity taste with caramel and a balanced hopy end. This lovely Red Ale will for sure qualify as a good ambassador for this beer type which we see far too little of in scandinavia. Lovely as a thirst drencher and works fantastically together with our scandinavian cuisine.

ABV: 4.6% | Hop: Herkules, Tettnang, Cascade, Columbus | Malt: Marris Otter, Cara, Cara Belge, Cara Amber & Wheat | Yeast: US05

This steam lager is for sure something to treat all the ones that wouldn’t touch a “lager”. Fermented at higher temperature to release fruitiness. This lager have a mouth full taste of exotic fruit balanced with a firm and smooth bitterness. Goes well with a juicy burger or just enough between two ice hockey periods.

ABV: 4.7% | Hop: Herkules, Tettnang, Bramling Cross, Cascade | Malt: Marris Otter, Vienna | Yeast: US05


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