A true Craft Brew which were founded in a student dorm in Lund. Behind the old railway station in Landskrona they found a place to take the next step in 2013. To day Brygghuset Finn is an award winning brewery with a broad and seasoned portfolio. We’re very proud of Brygghuset Finn’s  contribution to Crafts byBifrost™ with the Session Ale.

Wheat Blanc
This wheat beer strengthen with pilsner malt and brewed with Champagne yeast is a award winning beer. The beer have a complex presentation and taste, but still amazingly easy to drink. Best served with complex white meat or fish or just to enjoy by it own.

“Brygghuset Finn visar här att det går alldeles utmärkt att jäsa veteöl med icketraditionell jäst utan att förlora ölstilens identitet.”


ABV: 5,7% | Hop: Magnum and Mosaic | Malt: Pilsner, Münchner and Wheat

Session Ale
Aromatic and hopy. Fruity taste with a market bitterness, elements of grapefruit, pine and mango. Served at 8-10°C with lamb or beef. Or just as social.

ABV: 4.4% | Hop: Magnum, Willamette, Citra and Simcoe | Malt: Pilsner, Wheat and Biscuitmalt

Callista Pils
This is brand new product with a brand new twist of the classical german pils, It is malty and hopy in perfect balance finishing with a lingering smooth bitterness and taste of orange peel. Served with pork, fish or just by it’s own!

ABV: 4,5% | Hop: Northern Brewer, Hüll Melon, Hallertauer Blanc and Callista | Malt: Pilsner, Münchner, Wheat, Carapils and Biscuit

Citraic IPA
This is truly a unique IPA, where the Hopy notes from Citra and Mosaic really gives its fully potential to be presented. On the nose You will even find a smal coffe note from the toasted malt given a place! A lovely beer with red meat dishes.

ABV: 6,5% | Hop: Challenger, Citra and Mosaic | Malt: Pale Ale, Müncher, Biscuit and Crystal

California Lager
This style is a lager fermented at higher degrees to pack the beer full exotic fruits and honey, Big mouthfeel and long broad taste. a beer which goes well while flippin’ burgers or just by the board game.

ABV: 5,0% | Hop: Centennial, Hallertauer Tradition, Williamette, Amarillo and Citra | Malt: Pilsner, Müncher, Carapils, Wiener, Crystal and Wheat

American Pale Ale
This APA is Brygghuset Finn’s earliest beers and is still in production. A perfect beer to a meal but also a truly nice beer to socialise with. It’s definitely not a tongue wrencher full APA where the bitterness never leave the pallete. On the contrary the beer is flirty and easy but still have a complexity.

ABV: 5,2% | Hop: Cascade, Centennial, Chinook and Magnum | Malt: Pale Ale, Special B and Wheat


Brygghuset Finn

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