This is a group of brewers, who’s mission is to produce one of the worlds greatest lager. With such xtreme vision their effort is supported by deep craftmanship, high-tech equipment and a big personal effort. Aware of the challenge in brewing lager, adding the ambition to make the greatest. they are obliged to focus in detail on every element in the brewing process. Using prime ingredients letting the time play to their favor.

Pilsner Mandarina
An inspired north german pilsner style, with light body, high bitterness and dry finish. a generous malty nose, dry malty taste with a hint of citrus balanced and clean bitterness with a medium length. This thirst drencher with sky high drinkability opens up for qualitative social consumption. Goes well with fish dishes and cold cuts.

ABV: 4,7% | Hop: Mandarina Bavaria, Hallertauer, Hersbrucker | Malt: 100% Pilsner



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