In the southernmost count of Sweden, Skåne. One of Swedens greatest distillers is creating distilled products on the very top of the world. An artistic combination of terroir, craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit. Generating products which is pushing the craft distilling community to the excellence.

Mr Jan Rothman and family, with long experience in the beverage industry at LVHM in USA decided to move back to Sweden in the early 2000. With knowledge and focus on wine trade the initial thought where to start producing wine. Once on site a grey fall morning, standing on the premises noticing all wind-fallen apples the idea of creating a Swedish apple brandy (Calvados-style) where born.

In 2009 the first apple-brandy where released under the brand ÖSTERLEN as an homage to the french district Calvados. Österlen is the eastern part of Skåne and is renowned for its high qualitative and delicious apples, the idea is to create a Swedish AOC.

With a thoughtful, methodic and economically tenable paste the production has developed from outsourcing the distillation to invest in an own French Alambic pan. This to ensure quality and freedom of product development.

With the knew pan on site, Skånska Spritfabriken the product range grow, and the international recognition didn’t wait to come. The distillery were crowned at IWSC in London 2017, with two gold medals and a silver for the world best Gin and Gin & Tonic. Note that Hernö Gin, won same title 2016, so Swedish distilling craftsmanship is truly on the very top of excellence.

‘G’-Gin Classic
World renowned gin, tremendously generous floral taste with elements of juniper and cardamom. Lovey in cocktail or just on it’s own.

Alc: 46,2% vol.

‘G’-Gin Premium
More full bodied and spicy version of the classic. with added notes of toasted black pepper. The obvious chef’s choice.

Alc: 45% vol.

Österlen – VSOP First Batch
Apple Brandy in it’s purest and most delicious form. complex notes of oak, vanilla and apricot.

Alc: 40,7% vol.

Pommes Feliz – Pommeau
Pommes Feliz by Kim Paulin is a Pommeau with really deep complex notes of exotic fruits and Guyana Chocolate , delicious well chilled with fruits and berry desserts.

Alc: 15,1% vol.

Tonic Water Premium
One of the main ingredients to make “worlds best Gin Tonic”. Complex tonic with taste of lemon, grape and quinine. Marked but integrated bitterness.

Alc: 0% vol.

G-Gin & Tonic Alkoholfri
Alcohol free Gin & Tonic. For the consumer who wants to go all in at the party, but of any reason doesn’t want the alcohol. This gives the luxury of imbibe a gin tonic without alcohol.

Alc: 0% vol.


Tonic Water Premium


Skånska Spritfabriken