Quinta do Monte d’Oiro

Quinta do Monte d’Oiro is a extraordinary high quality Portuguese wine producer in the Lisbon wine region (Estremadura) north of Lisbon. Winemaker and owner José Bentos do Santos has planted his 42 ha vineyard with grapes such as; Viognier, Petit Verdot, Syrah, Touriga National and Tinta Roriz. Hard cultivating and rigorous work in the vineyard keeping the yield down to ap. 3000kg/ha. The French influences are apparent both in choice of grapes, but also long maturation in french oak vats from Seguin Moreau, Radoux and Taransaud. The wine production is assisted by M. Grégory Viennois who is Chef de Cave at the Rhône wine producer M. Chapoutier.

To the Scandinavian market we are deeply honored and happy to be representing Quinta do Monte d’Oiro and introduce five different wines.

Quinta do Monte d’Oiro, Lybra, Red
The Lybra range is the ambassadeur of Quinta do Monte d’Oiro. You will instantly feel the best mix from both southern France and Lisbon. The wine is in equilibrium between complexity and generous fruitiness. On the nose the wine presents dark cherries, and spices. The pallet fills up with a satin smoothness of dark fruit, medium toasted chocolate and a hint of pepper. A present and well balanced fruit sweetness, lighten up the complexity and generates a high drinkability. This wine goes very well together with meaty dishes ranged from the mixed tapas table to complex casserole.

Alc: 13% vol. | Grape: Syrah

Quinta do Monte d’Oiro, Lybra, Rosé
This Rosè is a textbook example in color. Seductively pink. On the nose a perfectly subtle red forest fruit aroma. On the pallet a mouth filling sensation, dry with dark fruit expression with a balanced acidity which generates freshness, soft subtle tannins gives structure and attitude. This wine generate a sky-high drinkability, enjoyed on its own any time of the day. with or without food. Served with the caesar lunch salad, or cold cuts in sunset. You will emotionally transfer to the Portuguese tempered august evenings

Alc: 12% vol. | Grape: Syrah

Quinta do Monte d’Oiro, Lybra, White
The fantastic mix between Viognier (50%), Arinto (30%) and Marsanne (20%), creates a complete unique and expressive wine. A very generous floral presentation on the nose. Awesome well balanced pallet with both depth and length filled of tropical fruit and a lingering citrus note. This wine goes as hand in glove with seafood, almost any fish dish and very well with various tapas plates. A true companion together with the scandinavian kitchen.

Alc: 12% vol. | Grape:  Viognier (50%), Arinto (30%) and Marsanne (20%)

Quinta do Monte d’Oiro, Madrigal
This mono grape white, really have the potential to move your preferences toward ridiculous expensive and high quality wine. Enjoyed with a good friend or to enhance the luxury of a dinner. This is one of the best Viognier wines outside France. The nose is generous of flower and exotic fruits, On the palate a mouth filling satin smooth fruitiness combined with an aromatic note. Long and developing aftertaste which can carry any exclusive dish of fish or white meat.

Alc: 13% vol. | Grape:  Viognier

Quinta do Monte d’Oiro, Reserva
A Rhône influenced syrah in many ways, but with a true Portuguese expression. The way how the Syrah wine is handled truly give French vibes, but the wine have a far more common and easy to understand expression without being silly or simple. This is a full packed Syrah infused with Viognier to present a satin smoothness as the best Rhône wines.

A generous nose of dark berries and  chocolate, On the palate a total equilibrium of fruit, herbs, spices, acidity and present tannins. A tremendous long developing after taste. This wine truly present its best potential with red meaty dishes, BBQd veggies or Classical complex beef dishes.

Alc: 13,5% vol. | Grape: Syrah 96%, Viognier 4%